Eric Clapton talks about the dire consequences of AstraZeneca vaccines

British rock musician and former Cream band member Eric Clapton spoke about the consequences he faced after being vaccinated with the coronavirus drug AstraZeneca.

In a letter addressed to Italian architect Robin Monotti Graziadei, the artist pointed out the exaggerated safety of the vaccine in the media. The musician’s message was published on Graziadei’s Telegram channel.

According to Clapton, after the first shot of the vaccine, which he received in February, he had an acute reaction to the drug for the next 10 days. He received the next shot six weeks later. Clapton complained that he was frightened by the potential loss of his ability to play musical instruments.

“The reactions were disastrous. My hands were freezing, then feeling nothing, then burning, and for about two weeks there was no use for them. I was afraid I would never play again (I suffer from peripheral neuropathy and shouldn’t have been anywhere near a needle at all). But propaganda said that the vaccine was safe for everyone,” said the artist.

Earlier, on May 15, Princess Michelle of Kent complained of the formation of blood clots after vaccination with the drug AstraZeneca. It was reported that the queen has been treated at home for a month.

On May 12, Prime Minister of Norway Erna Sulberg announced that the country will refuse to use the vaccine company AstraZeneca.