EU countries have begun lifting epidemic restrictions

The EU countries are beginning to lift the restrictions associated with the pandemic. Construction material stores, hairdressing salons, veterinary clinics, tattoo salons are opened in Switzerland. Since April 27, the country has been experiencing easing. The second phase is expected on 11 May, with the third scheduled for 8 June. The quarantine process is currently most visible in the Czech Republic.

The government has allowed its citizens to travel abroad. Hotels and even restaurants with terraces have already opened in the Czech Republic. However, their visit is possible only in masks. Clothes in shops cannot be measured yet, but shoes after disinfection were allowed. Gyms and fitness centers have also resumed their work. Meanwhile, the Austrian Chancellor promised to fight “for every job in the country. The crisis caused by the coronavirus has had a tangible impact on businesses, the Austrian government will allocate aid of €38 billion.

Since April 14, shops with an area of less than 400 square meters have been opened in Austria. Larger stores will start operating from May 1. They will return to their previous lives in Italy as well. The factories of Turin and Naples resumed their work there. There is also a notable easing of restrictive measures in sports. Football teams of the top division of the Italian league have started training again.