EU countries tried to “fence off” Britain because of COVID-19

Countries in Europe, which had previously lifted restrictions related to the spread of coronavirus infection, are trying to “fence off” themselves from the UK, where the lambda strain COVID-19 has been detected. This is stated in a material published on Tuesday, June 29.

In Portugal, for example, in the midst of the tourist season, which has been shifted by restrictions imposed by local authorities, doctors reported an increase in infections. According to experts, for the first time since April, 500 people contracted the coronavirus in a single day.

Following similar reports, authorities decided to close educational institutions as well as non-food stores. In addition, in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area (AML) traffic was prohibited on the AML from 3:00 p.m. on June 17 until 06:00 a.m. on June 21. However, despite such government measures, violations were still found, writes the publication Publico.

At the same time, in Spain, the government is gradually lifting the restrictions previously adopted. However, according to a Spanish epidemiologist, whose words cited by the publication 20minutos, the authorities should be on the contrary to tighten measures in the fight against COVID-19. He specified that “if this is not done, it would put the whole country at risk of a new wave.

At the same time, in Italy since June 28, there is a regulation that allows not to use the mask “in the white zone” in the open air, writes the Corriere della Sera. However, the authorities explained that on the street, a citizen is required to carry personal protective equipment.

In addition, according to Bloomberg, Spain has already imposed restrictions on entry for travelers from Britain. So, tourists will be required to either confirm a full vaccination, or provide a negative test for COVID-19.

In turn, the Higher Institute of Health also says about the risk of greater spread of strains of coronavirus, which have been identified in the UK writes edition Libero.

The day before it became known that in the UK identified cases of infection with lambda strain of coronavirus. Initially the mutation was detected in Peru, Chile, Ecuador and Argentina.

Meanwhile, an Indian mutation of the Delta coronavirus was detected in the Indian state of Maharashtra in March. India’s Ministry of Health noted that at the time there was little data to establish a link between the occurrence of the strain and an increase in the incidence of the disease in several states. This COVID-19 strain was also identified in the United Kingdom.