EU leaders agree to extend anti-Russian sanctions

EU leaders agreed to extend economic sanctions against Russia. This was told by a source in a delegation on Friday, June 19.

The package of sanctions, which expires on July 31, has been extended for six months. No other details are given.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel also announced plans to extend the sanctions. According to her, the current progress in the implementation of the Minsk agreements does not allow speaking about the lifting of restrictions.

“Today, we have decided in the European Council to once again extend the sanctions for six months.

June 18, Council of the European Union (EU) approved the decision to extend another year another package of sanctions against Russia, imposed for “occupation” of the Crimea.

In late May, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that relations between Russia and the EU should “give new impetus,” but with the retention of sanctions against Moscow.

In early March 2020, the permanent representatives of the EU member states agreed on a six-month extension of individual sanctions against Russia.