EU Permanent Representatives agreed on the Navalny sanctions list

The Committee of Permanent Representatives of the European Union agreed on Wednesday on a sanctions list against Russia for the incident with Russian blogger Alexei Navalny. A diplomatic source in Brussels reported on Wednesday.

“I can confirm that the ambassadors have agreed on a personal list of restrictions for Navalny poisoning. It includes about five people, the names will be later published in the Official Journal of the EU,” the report said.

The list was shortened: it was originally proposed to impose sanctions against nine individuals.

All the individuals on the sanctions list will be banned from entering the European Union for a year, and their financial assets in the community countries will be frozen. Sanctions can be extended later if they are not contested in the European Court of Justice.

On October 14 Minister of foreign affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov commented on restrictive measures taken by the European Union. “Now Germans are not going to provide any facts despite all international legal obligations. We answer in a mirror”, – he stated.

Also Lavrov noted that criminal proceedings on Navalny case were not instituted since in Russia they are based on facts and “there are a lot of inaccuracies and absurdities here”.

On October 13 the head of European diplomacy Joseph Borrel, despite Lavrov’s appeal not to stir up anti-Russian moods, confirmed the decision of EU to introduce anti-Russian sanctions. Restrictions are directed against six persons and one organization from Russia