European Commission sues AstraZeneca

The European Commission has filed a lawsuit against the company AstraZeneca in connection with the failure to fulfill the terms of the contract for the supply of vaccines against coronavirus to the European Union. European Commission spokesman Stefan De Keersmaeker said this, Europa Press reported.

“The European Commission on Friday began legal action against AstraZeneca on the grounds of breach of the pre-purchase contract agreements. Some of the contract terms were not respected, also the company failed to provide a reliable strategy for the timely distribution of doses,” said a spokesman for the European Commission.

Stefan De Keersmaeker also stressed: The European Commission filed the lawsuit both on its own behalf and on behalf of the 27 EU states.

Earlier it was reported that the European Commission is preparing to initiate litigation against AstraZeneca over problems with the supply of vaccines. The point is to oblige the firm to provide the number of doses specified in its contract with the EU.

AstraZeneca said in January 2021 that it would not be able to deliver the originally estimated number of doses. By the end of the first quarter, the company had only sent 30 million doses to the EU instead of the 100 million doses envisioned in the contract. AstraZeneca had forecast it would deliver about 70 million doses by the end of the second quarter of the year, when it should have provided all 300 million. The shortage of the drug has seriously hampered vaccination in the EU.

The vaccination campaign began in many EU countries at the end of December last year. So far, four vaccines have been approved in the EU: a BioNTech consortium developed by Pfizer, a product from the U.S. company Moderna, a vaccine from AstraZeneca and a product from Janssen, a division of the U.S. company Johnson & Johnson. The community said it expects to vaccinate 70% of the adult population by the end of the summer.