European Parliament concerned about rumors of Jack Ma’s disappearance

Deputy President of the European Parliament (EP) and deputy head of the Free Democratic Party of Germany (FDP) Nicola Behr is concerned about rumors about the disappearance of Alibaba founder Jack Ma (Chinese name: Ma Yun). She stated this on Wednesday, January 13, in an interview with Neue ruhr zeitung.

Jack Ma’s disappearance should be cause for serious alarm, she said, although Behr noted that “the specific circumstances can only be guessed.”

“Nevertheless, this would not be the first time that Beijing shows its own country and the world public who is the boss in the house in a situation where someone criticizes China’s top leaders,” the EP deputy head stressed.

Behr is also not satisfied with the EU’s policy towards China in general. According to her, the recent agreement on investment cooperation between Brussels and Beijing does not contain specific human rights provisions. Such behavior by the EU is a manifestation of double standards, as the EP deputy emphasized.

The newspaper notes that Ma has not appeared in public since the end of October. In this connection, first of all, rumors about the billionaire’s disappearance started to spread in social networks.

On January 10, rumors about the disappearance of one of China’s richest men, founder of Alibaba Jack Ma, appeared on Chinese social networks and reached the pages of the world media.

Jack Ma last appeared in public on October 31, taking part in an Alibaba event that was broadcast live. But after that he even missed the final of his own reality show Africa’s Business Heroes, where he was supposed to be the chief judge.

Rumors quickly spread on Chinese social media that Ma’s disappearance followed his criticism of China’s financial regulators and his opposition to China’s policy on technology companies.