“Every woman should have the right to her body.” Christina Aguilera endorsed Britney Spears

Christina Aguilera has backed Britney Spears, who wants out of her father’s custody, as the singer posted several tweets denouncing Jamie Spears’ treatment of her daughter.

Britney appeared in court and revealed publicly for the first time that she wants out of custody. According to the performer, her father forced her to work, controlled her life and forbade her to get married. The singer was also forbidden to have children.

Aguilera said that Britney should have the full right to freedom and privacy.

The singer admitted that she probably does not know what is going on in Britney’s family – but believes her and wants to spread the word.

Britney was also supported by her younger sister Jamie Lynn Spears, who has long remained silent about the family situation. She admitted that she is proud of her sister and wants her to be happy.