Evidence of Pontius Pilate’s existence was found in Israel

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This man is known to the world as the Roman prefect of Judea who sent Jesus Christ to his death. Historians are still debating whether Pilate was a real person or just a collective image described in the Bible. Recently, Israeli historians discovered artifacts that may finally shed some light on the mystery, the Express reported.

Biblical lore researcher Tom Meyer from California said that during excavations of the military fortifications built during the time of Herod the Great, scientists discovered the so-called “Pilate’s stone.

In addition, was re-examined thoroughly copper ring, found back in 1969. As is known, in ancient times rings were often used as a seal of the owner, confirming his identity. Rings had a personal seal engraved on them, an imprint of which was placed on the clay or other material with which messages were sealed.

The ring discovered by Hebrew University specialists has the owner’s name “PΛΑΤΟ” or Pontius Pilate engraved on it, and an image of a wine jug. This inscription, however, by no means guarantees that it was the ring of the very same Pontius Pilate. The thing is, the copper alloy was too cheap for a man with the position of prosecutor of Judea could afford to put it on his finger. Although it is possible that the ring belonged to one of his cronies, who had the right to seal the personal mail of the Roman prefect.