Experts created music based on cybersecurity data

Specialists in computer security have to deal with huge amounts of data – in particular, when monitoring network connections. They have created music from this “ocean of data.

According to Yang Tsai, a senior systems engineer at CyLab, analyzing network traffic involves dealing with huge amounts of data. If we need to find some specific patterns in this ocean, the experts have to work hard to reject other patterns.

CyLab experts have been working on technologies to simplify the search for anomalies in network traffic data for years. Some time ago, Yang Tsai and his colleagues created an innovative data visualization system that allows you to perceive traffic patterns visually. Now the experts have also presented a way to hear the data. A talk on the topic was read at the Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics Conference.

“We planned to learn how to find anomalies in network data by transforming it into a musical form. Using sound to perceive information is not a new practice, but there have been no solutions similar to ours in the world so far,” said Yang Tsai, adding that CyLab experts had to experiment with different data transformation algorithms before getting the result.