Experts found out what dogs and cats see on TV

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Pet owners have repeatedly noticed how their favorite pets are fond of watching TV. Scientists told about what cats and dogs see.

Cats perceive the surrounding reality almost always in black and white tones. Otherwise, their vision to perceive what is happening on the screen as well as human. But they have little interest in what is happening. Therefore, cats react to sudden movements or other animals and possible prey, often attacking the screen to catch it.

The situation with dogs is more complicated. The fact is that they have dichromatic vision, that is, they can see shades in the yellow and blue range, but do not see green. Also their vision, in comparison with human one, is blurred. People are comfortable watching 16-25 frames per second, but dogs need at least 70 speed.

Thus, animals perceive what is happening on old TVs in an unpleasant slow motion. But on modern more powerful devices with LCD or OLED displays, the picture is perceived by dogs almost the same as human.

Like cats, dogs react when other animals appear on the screen. And also, despite the fact that their hearing is similar to human, they prefer to react only to a sharp or unusual sound.