Experts pointed out that coronavirus is fundamentally different from influenza

The new type of coronavirus SARS-COV-2 is fundamentally different from the flu and much more dangerous, said an expert from the University of Washington in St. Louis Abigail Carlson.

She explained that over time, people have developed so-called herd immunity to the influenza virus, so during the seasonal epidemics of this disease most of humanity is insured.

“Your immune system can recognize a viral enemy with experience from a previous infection and produce antibodies. Some people get vaccinated,” Business Insider quoted her as saying on April 3.

University of California, Los Angeles, specialist Otto Young said there is no ready-made vaccine to treat coronavirus. It threatens that the population will not be able to get sick with the virus without serious consequences.

However, he estimated it would take over a year to develop the vaccine.

The experts pointed out that there is a difference in diagnostics. Influenza physicians are able to detect the already proven methods, such as swabs from the nose or mouth. In addition, antiviral drugs effectively cope with the infection.

Yang and Carlson believe that the only way to fight coronavirus, for now, is isolation and social distance.