Experts reported on the effects of allergies on the course of COVID-19

The treatment of COVID-19 may be complicated by allergic reactions in the patient.

“I want to remind you that coronavirus infection also enters the intestines. In this case, especially in food allergy, when the permeability of the intestinal wall changes, the virus enters much easier – the virus concentration is higher in food allergy patients. <...> Undoubtedly, an allergic reaction is still a weighting factor,” said the expert.

According to the expert, in about 48% of cases, coronavirus activates various heart rhythm disorders. In this case, various forms of allergies, especially eating, can have a detrimental effect on the patient.

“To date, according to the observations that we see and what our foreign colleagues say and write, allergic diseases, fortunately, are not a risk factor for a heavier flow of carpet infection,” she said.

The doctor added that recent data show an upward trend in allergic diseases and every ten years the number of allergic people increases. In the Allergy and Immunology Department of the CGCB No. 6, more than 60 patients are examined and consulted daily, of whom the majority – at least 80% – have allergies.