Explosion at a military warehouse in Kazakhstan: 66 people injured

The number of those wounded in an explosion at a military warehouse in Kazakhstan has grown to 66 people. Two are in intensive care.

Twelve servicemen are among the injured. People are admitted to the hospital with chest contusions, concussions, ruptured eardrums, closed skull injuries, fractures, and contusions.

As can be seen in photographs posted by Kazakh internet users, many of the victims are black from soot and with traces of blood.

According to Sputnik. Kazakhstan, there could have been even more victims. The fact is that engineering ammunition, which is not packed with high-explosive fragments and does not break into pieces, was stored inside the exploded warehouse.

Earlier it was reported that a military warehouse located on the territory of a military unit in the Baizak district of the Zhambyl region of Kazakhstan caught fire. The fire caused the detonation of ammunition stored there.