Eyewitnesses captured the moment the plane crashed in the Philippines-Video

Eyewitnesses captured on video the moment the C-130 military plane crashed in the Philippines.

In the video you can see how the plane collided with the ground in a mountain-forest area, after which there was an explosion followed by combustion. Immediately after the collision, clouds of black smoke quickly rose into the sky.

A military plane had crashed earlier in the day. There were 92 people on board, according to CNN. The aircraft reportedly missed the runway while coming in for a landing at Jolo Airport.

It was later learned that at least 40 people were rescued from under the wreckage. They were taken to a military hospital in the city of Jolo for treatment.

Television channel CNN specifies that the number of victims of the crash of a military plane in the Philippines has increased to 45. It was noted that according to the Philippine Department of National Defense, 32 of the 49 servicemen recovered alive from the crash site were transferred to Zamboanga City, where they will receive medical treatment.