F-16 intercepts intruder aircraft at UN headquarters in New York

An F-16 fighter jet was flown in the United States in New York to intercept a Cessna light-engine plane seen in the sky near the United Nations (UN) headquarters, where UN General Assembly High Level Week is taking place.

According to a message posted on the Twitter account of the North American Aerospace Defense Command, the aircraft entered a temporary flight restriction zone.

It is noted that after landing, the pilot was sent for questioning.

In addition, a video of the F-16 fighter jet over New York appeared on social networks.

September 14, the 76th session of the UN General Assembly began its work in New York. The new chairman of the UNGA, Abdullah Shaheed, said he would focus on combating the coronavirus pandemic and inequality in access to vaccines in his post.

Shahid noted that the meeting of world leaders takes place “at a time of great challenge and division, conflict and climate change, worsening poverty and inequality.