Facebook employees held a virtual strike

The dissatisfaction of some employees caused Zuckerberg’s decision not to delete Trump’s records concerning the tragedy in Minneapolis. In particular, the posts referred to the possible use of the military to support the state authorities.

Hundreds of Facebook Inc. employees on Monday, June 1, protested against the company’s management’s decision not to take action against the records of U.S. President Donald Trump, who posted a number of posts on a social network about the death of African-American George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In one of his notes, the head of the U.S. administration, in particular, indicated that the military could be used to support Governor Tim Wallace.

In protest against the position of Facebook executives who have not removed Trump’s posts, some of the company’s employees decided to hold a virtual strike. They did not go to work (most are still working from home because of the coronavirus pandemic) and added a notice to their digital profiles.

Challenging Zuckerberg

In addition, according to The New York Times, some staff also circulated internal petitions and threatened to resign. Some openly wrote about their grievances on other social networks, including Twitter.

More than a dozen current and former Facebook employees believe the current criticism is the biggest challenge to Mark Zuckerberg, who has served as CEO since the company was founded 15 years ago.

Earlier, Twitter Inc. concealed one of Trump’s Minneapolis records as a violation of social network rules prohibiting the promotion of violence.

The death of George Floyd and the protests in the U.S.

African-American George Floyd died May 25 after a policeman strangled him with his knee for nearly nine minutes in custody. A 46-year-old man asked for help until he passed out. The policeman has been arrested and charged with negligent homicide.

The tragedy in Minneapolis sparked a wave of protests across the United States. Demonstrations grew into riots and clashes with police. In many cities, curfews have been imposed and the National Guard has been activated.