Facebook to pay the content controllers $52 million

More than 10,000 employees were diagnosed with post-traumatic syndrome. Facebook reached a settlement agreement with them on compensation for treatment.

Facebook and the sick content controllers of this social network in the U.S. entered into a settlement agreement on compensation for the total amount of 52 million dollars. Facebook employees diagnosed with post-traumatic syndrome or similar mental disorders can receive up to $50,000 each for treatment, the plaintiff’s lawyers said on Tuesday, May 12.

Employees who check Facebook content regularly see scenes of violence and bullying posted on social networking pages. In the fall of 2018, a former Facebook employee sued the concern, saying that after nine months of content control she was diagnosed with post-traumatic syndrome.

Over 10,000 Facebook content controllers were injured.

The current settlement agreement, which still needs to be approved by the court, applies to more than 10 thousand people from California, Texas, Arizona and Florida who have been working on Facebook since 2015. The minimum amount of compensation is one thousand dollars.

Facebook in court also promised to take further action to protect the mental health of content monitors. Henceforth, videos will be played without sound in black and white by default, and candidates for controllers will be specifically tested for mental health.