Facebook, Twitter and YouTube removed a pseudo-doctor video about COVID-19

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Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have deleted a video in which a group of alleged American doctors say that the masks will not help in the fight against the spread of COVID-19, and hydroxychloroquine is able to treat coronavirus, reports CNN July 28.

In a video released by Breitbart News, people in white coats calling themselves “American doctors on the frontline” are holding a press conference at which one of them says they “don’t need masks to fight the spread of COVID-19,” and recent studies on the ineffectiveness of hydroxychloroquine in treating coronavirus are “fake” sponsored by “fake pharmaceutical companies.

“There is a cure for this virus called hydroxychloroquine, zinc and zithromax,” the woman says in the video.

It is reported that the video spread quickly on the Internet – it managed to gain 14 million views, it was shared more than 600 thousand times before it was removed for spreading false information. It is noted that U.S. President Donald Trump also shared the video with his 84 million followers on Twitter, despite questionable statements contradicting the views of public health experts in his administration.

Facebook and Twitter representatives said they were removing content for spreading false information about drugs and treatment of COVID-19.

The same video was deleted by YouTube, and the video was watched 40,000 times.

The World Health Organization (WHO) decided in June to stop hydroxychloroquine tests as a drug against coronavirus. The WHO expert noted that the decision was based on three parameters, including WHO’s own data on the drug and the results of tests conducted in the UK.