Facebook will create a commission on information policy during the election period

Facebook, which owns the social network of the same name, will form its own advisory commission to determine information policy during the elections. It was reported Wednesday, August 25, by The New York Times.

The newspaper notes that the company’s management turned to academics and political scientists with a proposal to create a body empowered to make decisions on the regulation of the social network during elections in any country. In particular, the commission will be able to form a position on the electoral advertising, as well as misinformation.

According to the newspaper, Facebook will officially announce the creation of the commission in autumn in preparation for the 2022 midterm elections. This way, the company and its founder Mark Zuckerberg want to avoid the criticism that came down on them after the November 3 general elections in the U.S..

Since October 27 last year, the company banned political ads on Facebook and Instagram in order to combat the spread of misinformation and attempts to indirectly influence the mood of the electorate before the general election in the United States. The company only lifted the restriction in early March.