Facebook will release a smart watch with two cameras, one of which will be removable

TheVerge writes that Facebook is developing its own smart watch with two cameras. The first, located on the front, will be designed for video calls. The second, which has autofocus and 1080p resolution, will allow to shoot photos and video, and it will be possible to use it separately from the accessory – the module will be removable.

From the watch will be easy to share shots through the company’s proprietary services, including Instagram. A smartphone will not be needed for this, because the accessory will have LTE support. There will also be a heartbeat sensor. The watch will come in white, black and gold. The announcement is expected in the summer of 2022. At a price of about $400, the company hopes to sell hundreds of thousands of devices.

The key idea of such watches is to encourage users to use the wrist gadget the way smartphones are used now. It’s part of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s plan to create consumer devices independent of Apple and Google, which now largely control the company’s ability to interact with users.

In the future, Facebook plans to use the watch as a key input device for its augmented reality glasses, which Zuckerberg believes will one day become as commonplace as cell phones. For this, the company plans to use technology acquired from the startup CTRL-labs. The latter demonstrated wristbands capable of controlling a computer with the movements of the wrists.