Fake news can develop critical thinking

Fake news has now become a powerful tool for propaganda and informational impact, so scientists from around the world are actively studying this phenomenon. Employees of the University of North Carolina (USA), among others, focused on the study of the impact of false news on the mind, came to the unexpected conclusion that fake news, according to them, can help develop critical thinking.

According to the study, which was published in Psychological Science, fake news does not always provoke negative effects. Until now, it has been believed that fake news is an undeniable evil that leaves a negative imprint in the mind, even in cases where there is a refutation. But now it turns out that false news can make people more critical, as well as improve their ability to remember real and reliable facts.

Experiments conducted by U.S. scientists on a group of volunteers confirmed the assumption that recollections of misinformation received turned out to form a more critical perception of new information, as well as improving people’s ability to memorize real facts. In other words, it can be said that fairies to some extent harden a person’s mind, improving the ability to separate truth from fiction.