Fake Pfizer vaccine found in two countries

American company Pfizer found fake versions of its vaccine against coronavirus infection in Mexico and Poland. It is reported by The Wall Street Journal.

In Mexico, about 80 people received a counterfeit vaccine at a clinic at an estimated cost of one thousand dollars per dose. It is noted that the bottles found had a fake label.

According to preliminary reports, the counterfeit drug in Poland is actually a medicine against wrinkles. Local authorities reported that no one had received the fake vaccine in time.

Vials were seized by authorities in Poland and Mexico during investigations, then Pfizer confirmed that the drugs were counterfeit.

On March 18 in Mexico, customs officials found a shipment of counterfeit Russian Sputnik V vaccine aboard a private plane. Almost six thousand doses of the pseudo-drug were hidden in refrigerator bags among soft drinks and sweets. Pictures published by the government show that the Russian-language inscriptions on the vials contain errors, including the spelling of the vaccine’s name.