Family of boy killed by hypothermia in Texas files $100 million lawsuit

The family of the boy, who died in Texas, allegedly due to the fault of power engineers, filed a $100 million lawsuit against the Texas Energy Company Group ERCOT. It was reported by a local TV channel KHOU.

It is noted that 11-year-old Christian Pavon died Feb. 16 in Conroe after spending the night in a de-energized trailer. According to preliminary reports, the cause of his death was hypothermia, but there is no official confirmation of this information.

The defendant expressed condolences for the death of the child, while ERCOT expressed confidence that the rolling blackouts in that situation were justified, as the entire power grid of Texas was on the verge of collapse.

Texas became one of the most affected states: bad weather led to difficulties with water and electricity blackouts, suspension of work of refineries and other enterprises. About 30 thousand residents of the state still remain without electricity. Since February 14 at least 58 people have become victims of cold weather in the country, most of them died in Texas.