Famous U.S. tiktokker accused of murdering his wife

TikTok star Ali Nassar Abulaban, known as JinnKid, was accused of killing two people, including his wife. This was reported by the publication Kotaku.

The blogger became famous for his Skyrim in Real Life videos, where he parodied the behavior of the inhabitants of Skyrim, the world of the popular computer game.

Recently his wife Ana filed for divorce, accusing her husband of domestic violence. Her husband temporarily moved to a hotel, but then returned home to the East Village, New York, and installed a listening program on his 5-year-old daughter’s iPad. One day later, Ali overheard a friend visiting his wife, with whom she was talking and laughing.

The blogger went to the house with a gun and shot his wife and her buddy. He then confessed to his mother and turned himself in to police.

Ticktocker was arrested, reports said. At the trial, the man confessed to what he had done and said that his wife was cheating on him, although investigators believe that the victims were only friends.

The blogger could face the death penalty for the double murder