Fans were furious at the way David Beckham behaves with his 9-year-old daughter

45-year-old David Beckham decided to have a family Tuesday and together with his 9-year-old daughter Harper went to the farm, where organic fruits and vegetables are grown. The footballer and his heiress went to the patch and picked up the harvest.

Father and daughter picked cabbage and fresh salad, as well as apples and many other healthy treats for dinner. In addition, David and Harper together made bouquets of flowers and rafted autumn wreaths. Happy daddy shared everything that happened in Storis.

And his wife published a post in the installation, which caused a great resonance in the network. Ball users are extremely dissatisfied with the fact that David in the photo kissed his daughter on the lips. It should be noted that this is not the first time he has expressed feelings for Harper.

“I love their family, but I never understood these kisses of parents with children”, “Please stop kissing children on the lips!”, “Why is he kissing her on the lips? – they wrote.

However, some still stood up for the athlete, admitting that this is just a gesture of fatherly love. “Thank you for showing that it is completely normal and right,” “I have always kissed my children on the lips and I don’t have any problems with it and neither do they. And, I still kiss them and they are 24 and 18 …,” “I also kiss my children on the lips because they are my children and I love them,” said Beckham fans.