FIFA does not rule out a third transfer period

Due to coronavirus pandemic, the International Football Federation (FIFA) could be more flexible about the dates of the Mercato. “We could see the opening of a third transfer window,” said James Kitching, FIFA’s Director of Football Regulations, in the German ARD program “Sportschau”.

FIFA has recently published various recommendations and guidelines on transfers and contracts in the context of the coronavirus crisis. Currently, the summer Mercato lasts from 1 July to 31 August and the winter Mercato from 1 to 31 January in most European leagues. Should the season end later, the transfer period could be postponed.

The international body has also recommended adopting the contracts to the current situation. This would allow contracts expiring on 30 June to be extended until the end of the season. Transfers could then take place once the season is over. “We need to recognize that labor law and the autonomy of clubs and players are always a priority,” added James Kitching.