Fines for violating the mask regime were introduced in South Korea

Fines for improper wearing or absence of medical masks by citizens started to apply in South Korea on Friday, November 13, Yonhap reported on November 12.

Wearing masks becomes mandatory not only in public transport and at public events, but also in hospitals, religious institutions and other places with a high risk of infection with coronavirus.

Violators of the mask regime face a fine of up to 100 thousand won (about $90). Owners of facilities and event organizers will be fined for failure to meet epidemiological requirements.

In addition, people who wear the mask incorrectly, for example, if they leave their nose open, may be fined.

Children under 14 years will not be fined, as well as those who can not wear a mask due to health conditions. It is also possible to avoid wearing the mask in special cases, in particular if a person washes, eats or swims.