Fire in Chernobyl zone approaches radioactive waste storage facilities

Fire in the Chernobyl zone is a few kilometers from radioactive waste storage facilities. This was reported by a member of the public council at the State Agency for Exclusion Zone Management, Yaroslav Emelianenko, on Monday, April 13.

He stressed that the situation is critical and the fire is rapidly covering new territories.

“Now the fire has reached Pripyat and is two kilometers away from the radioactive waste storage facilities “Podlesny”, where the most highly radioactive waste of the Chernobyl zone is located, and from the Chernobyl NPP itself,” he wrote on Facebook.

Yemelyanenko noted that at the moment the fire is moving towards the Chernobyl NPP, as the wind is blowing there.

April 7, the area of fire in the Chernobyl exclusion zone has more than tripled, reaching 35 hectares. It was noted that the aircraft An-32P, two Mi-8s were involved in the extinguishing, and 72 tons of water were discharged into the fire areas themselves.

April 5, the State Service of Ukraine for Emergency Situations (SESU) assured that the firefighters eliminated the open fire in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, having dropped 50 tons of water by aviation.

It was stressed that at present the radiation background at the site of the large-scale fire is “within normal limits”, but it was noted earlier that at some sites there is an increased radiation background, which prevented the fire from being extinguished.