First human case of H10N3 bird flu identified in China

The first case of human infection with avian influenza H10N3 has been detected in China. It was detected in Jiangsu province. This was reported June 1 in the State Committee on Health and Hygiene of the PRC.

According to the agency, the 41-year-old man felt ill in late April. His condition worsened over time and he was hospitalized. Now his condition has stabilized – he is ready to be discharged.

On May 28, after testing, it became known that the man was infected with H10N3. All people in contact with him are now being observed and no new cases have been detected, Reuters adds.

No cases of human infection with H10N3 have been previously reported worldwide, the virus is transmitted between birds and has low pathogenicity

The scientist added that bird flu has recently started to resurface and it is not yet known whether it will spread further. Rachmanin called for preventive measures so that the infection can be stopped.

On the same day, scientists from China suggested that the composition and mutation history of the H5N8 bird flu virus could lead to another pandemic. The new strain of bird flu, the researchers say, was first detected in China in 2010. In 2014, there were bird outbreaks in Japan and South Korea, and in 2016 in India, Russia, Mongolia, the United States and Europe.