Five more countries have joined the EU sanctions against Belarus

The sanctions against Belarus, imposed by the European Union, were supported by another five countries outside the EU. This was stated by head of foreign policy of the Commonwealth Josep Borrell.

According to him, the restrictive measures against Minsk were supported by EU candidate countries North Macedonia, Montenegro and Albania.

June 24, the EU formally adopted sectoral economic sanctions against Belarus. They include a ban on direct or indirect sale, supply, transfer or export to anyone in Belarus of equipment, technology or software designed for use in monitoring or interception of communications, as well as technology for use in military purposes.

Western measures against Minsk are introduced against the background of the incident with the airline Ryanair, which made an emergency landing in the Belarusian capital on May 23 due to the report about the bombing, which was not confirmed later. Roman Protasevich, ex-head of Telegram-channel NEXTA, recognized extremist in Belarus, was on board the plane. After the plane landed, the blogger and his companion – Russian citizen Sofia Sapieha – were detained.