Five NATO ships entered the port of Odessa

Five NATO ships, led by the flagship of the group SNMG2, participating in Sea Breeze 2020 maritime exercise, entered the port of Odessa.

The first to the naval base “South” arrived two corvettes – Romanian “Rear Admiral Sebastiang” and Bulgarian “Beauty”. By 9:00 the main striking forces of Sea breeze – Spanish frigate “Alvaro de Bazan”, Turkish “Yildyrim” and Romanian “Regina Maria” started arriving at the port.

The ships will stay in Odessa until July 28.

Sea Breeze 2020 exercises started on July 20 in the Black Sea. It involves warships of the Navy of Ukraine and NATO countries. The maneuvers will last seven days. Head of the Ukrainian Navy Oleksiy Neizhpapa said that the exercise is aimed at “ensuring peace and stability” in the Black Sea region.

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