Five signs that you are smarter than the average person

Intelligence Quotient, aka IQ, is not a measure of how much knowledge you have. Rather, it is a measure of the speed with which you are able to acquire and process new information.

And while intelligence is not the only thing that determines success in life (education, family support and other factors probably play a much bigger role), having a high IQ is still not a bad thing. However, most of us go through life without even realizing how smart we are. IQ is difficult to measure, and unless you are willing to pay a handsome sum of money to a trained professional, you will never be able to accurately determine your level of intelligence.

New research provides interesting clues that link childhood experiences and certain behavioral patterns to higher IQs. If you recognize yourself in any of the following items, you may be much smarter than you thought.

1. You often worry and are anxious

Anxiety is hard to see as something good. But it’s not so bad. At least it comes with something interesting on top of it.

Psychiatrist Jeremy Coplan at one time studied patients with anxiety disorders. He found that those with higher levels of anxiety had higher IQs.

Also, people with an anxiety disorder tended to score higher on IQ tests than healthy people.

Another curious and more complex study was conducted at the Interdisciplinary Center of Herzliya (Israel).

Researchers offered people to evaluate several images on a computer. And then convinced the volunteers that they, by pressing the wrong button, accidentally launched a virus. And it began to erase important information from the hard drive. With lamentations of “what have you done?”, the participants were sent to the technical support department for help. On the way, they were given a few more false positives.

As a result, we found out the unexpected: those who were the most worried about their “mistakes” turned out to be the most concentrated and the most effective in trying to correct the situation. And they were more likely to succeed.

So the next time you are recommended to feel less nervous, feel free to answer that you can’t. Saying that high intelligence prevents you from calming down.

2. You read your first book early

A British study of nearly 2,000 pairs of identical twins found that despite identical genes, children who started reading earlier had higher IQs than their siblings by adolescence.

At first glance, this seems easy to explain: children who learned to read early were simply smarter to begin with. However, the researchers believe that the connection is exactly the opposite. Children became smarter because they took an early interest in books. The urge to read influenced their intellectual development.

So if you started reading early, it wasn’t because you were smart. Maybe you became that way because at a tender age you got an entertaining book that made you learn how to put letters into words.

3. You are left-handed

It turns out that all those teachers who tried to make little left-handers write with their right hand should have done the exact opposite.

Although there is a small and as yet unexplained correlation between left-handedness and a propensity for criminal behavior, left-handedness does have some intellectual advantages.

For example, one major study showed that left-handedness is associated with divergent thinking. Divergent thinking is a method of creative thinking that is commonly used in solving various problems. It helps to see the many ideas and opportunities to overcome the proposed problem. especially in men. And the unique feature of finding non-standard solutions is one of the signs of high intelligence.

4. You took music lessons when you were a child

Even brief music instruction improves verbal intelligence.Verbal intelligence is the ability to perceive and analyze the words you hear, and to maintain meaningful discussion.

In a study conducted by psychologist Sylvain Moreno, 48 children between the ages of four and six participated in a special educational program. Half of the children spent an hour a day practicing music. The rest – the visual arts.

After four weeks, the researchers offered the participants a verbal intelligence test. For 90% of those who studied music, it increased – compared with the results of the same test conducted before the experiment. For children who drew, there was no change.

So if you learned to play the piano or another musical instrument as a child, that’s a good sign.

5. You know how to make people laugh

Studies show that people with a developed sense of humor at the same time have a high verbal intelligence and developed abstract thinking. At the very least, this is certainly true of the stronger sex.

Psychologists believe that in men, a sense of humor can be considered an indicator of high intelligence.

For women there are no studies yet. But with a high probability it can be argued that wit and sharp wit are not simply synonymous concepts. They are closely related, and this is true for both sexes.