Flight recorder of crashed Air Force plane found in the Philippines

At the crash site of a military transport aircraft of the Philippine Air Force a “black box” was found, experts are studying the information. This was announced by the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, General Sirilito Sobejana, on July 6.

According to him, the flight recorder was found on Monday. The military leader expressed hope that the data will help to determine the cause of the airliner crash, notes the TV channel ABS-CBN.

On July 4, the C-130 military plane crashed in the Philippines. There were 85 people on board. According to available information, the aircraft crashed while coming in for a landing at Jolo airport, it fell in the neighboring city of Patikul.

At least 52 people died. At least 40 people were rescued from under the wreckage of the plane. They were taken to a military hospital in Jolo City.

On Monday, the Armed Forces of the Philippines completed an operation to search for the victims and the dead in the crash of the C-130.