Florida and South Carolina have record levels of COVID-19

According to media on July 12, Florida on Sunday set a tragic record for confirmed cases of COVID-19 for the day: 15300.

More than 56,000 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in South Carolina, with 950 deaths, state health officials said.

On Saturday, a record 2239 new cases were reported, but on Sunday the number fell to 1952.

Authorities reported 10 new deaths from COVID-19 on Sunday.

More than 22 percent of the state coronavirus tests reported on Sunday showed positive results. The increase in the percentage of positive results indicates the virus is spreading.

Against this backdrop, the University of South Carolina has abandoned plans to hold a full-time graduation ceremony. It was expected to be held August 8 at the football stadium, but now it will be held in a virtual format on the same day.

On Saturday, South Carolina authorities reported the first death of a child from coronavirus. It is reported that he was not even five years old.

On Saturday, 1,396 people were hospitalized with COVID-19 in this state. This figure first exceeded 1,000 hospitalizations a day on June 29 and has not dropped below that level since. As of Friday, more than 75 percent of the hospital beds were filled.

Researchers at the Harvard Institute of Global Health have included South Carolina on the list of states whose residents are advised not to travel because of increased morbidity.