Florida authorities suspended anti-coronavirus measures in the state

Authorities in Florida are suspending all anti-coronavirus restrictions in the state. It was announced by its governor Ron Desantis on May 3.

“I intend to suspend local COVID-related emergency orders under my executive authority… I think it’s scientifically sound,” Desantis said during a press conference appearance, an excerpt of which was published by WPTV.

According to the governor, the executive order lifting the restrictions in the state will go into effect July 1. He said he would use his authority to remove all restrictions before the executive order takes effect.

Ron Desantis also signed an executive order prohibiting local residents from requiring COVID-19 vaccine certificates.

According to Hopkins University as of May 3, Florida has the fifth-highest detection rate of coronavirus infection in the United States.

Earlier, on April 21, Desantis signed a law increasing penalties for crimes committed during riots or protests.

The law increases penalties for crimes committed during riots, introducing new penalties for intimidating crowds and destroying monuments or historic sites. According to the governor, the law is “the toughest antiriot law in the country.