Footage of firefighters working in the port of Beirut before the explosion has been published

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Photos and videos of Lebanese rescuers working in Beirut port a few minutes before the blast appeared on the Web, The New York Post reported August 6.

One published photo shows several firefighters opening the doors of a burning warehouse where ammonium nitrate was stored.

According to the newspaper, the man who took the photo was killed, and the photos and videos were found in his phone at the site of the explosion in the debris removal.

It is assumed that the photographed firefighters are among the 10 officially confirmed dead rescuers.

“Three of the men in the photo were the first to attempt to open the door of warehouse 12. “They were followed by colleagues in other cars. The blast hit everyone. Nine people are still missing,” said an unnamed representative of the fire department.

On August 4, a powerful explosion occurred in the port of Beirut due to a fire and detonation of 2.7 tonnes of ammonium nitrate. 137 people were killed and about 5,000 injured. The facades of several dozens of buildings were destroyed and damaged, leaving about 300 thousand people without a roof over their heads.