Football Super League with European top clubs collapsed immediately after its creation

The creation of the European Football Super League has been suspended two days after the announcement of its creation. This happened after English teams announced their withdrawal from the project. The project vice-president admitted that the project will not take place without clubs from England.

The launch of the new club tournament was announced on the night of April 19. The competition was to replace the Champions League soccer for the top clubs. It was assumed that the most popular teams in Europe would play more international matches against each other in a season, allowing them to earn more than in the existing club tournament.

The club was supposed to feature the most titled teams in England, Spain, and Italy. The original composition of the tournament brought together clubs that had won their national championships 208 times and the Champions League 40 times. Including the most titled club on the planet – Real Madrid, Barcelona, where one of the two most titled modern soccer players, Messi, plays, and Juventus, where Cristiano Ronaldo is the second most titled soccer player.

The teams’ plans drew harsh criticism from the Union of European Football Associations, national championships and fans. UEFA threatened to exclude Super League participants from all tournaments. The sports press reported that many players from teams that entered the tournament opposed the project.

On Tuesday, there were protests in London by fans calling on Chelsea Football Club to refuse to play in the Super League. All six teams from the country that had previously agreed to participate — including reigning champion Liverpool and national league leader Manchester City — have since withdrawn.

Italian Juventus vice president Andrea Agnelli has admitted the project will not take place without clubs from England, Sky Sports reports. As of Wednesday night, only four of the twelve founders remained formally part of the tournament: “Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus and Milan.