Footballer Diego Maradona died

Legendary footballer and head coach of the club “Jimnasia and Esgrima” Diego Maradona died at the age of 60 years. This was reported in the media on Wednesday, November 25.

The cause of death was a heart attack.

On November 4 it became known that he had brain surgery. The ex-football player was successfully operated on in the clinic in the town of Olivos after he had a subdural hematoma. The operation lasted 1.5 hours.

Maradona’s personal physician Leopoldo Luque said that the hospitalization was not urgent.

The hematoma was detected in the former captain of the national team of Argentina during the CT scan. The cause of the hemorrhage could have been a blow to the head.

The day before it was reported that Maradona, who turned 60 on October 30, was taken to one of hospitals of La Plata to undergo a series of examinations. It was specified that the reason of hospitalization was his emotional problems.

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