Forbes named the ten most successful billionaires of the decade

Forbes named the ten most successful billionaires of the decade, which in total earned $555 billion.

The most successful billionaire is the founder of the Amazon online store Jeff Bezos. Since 2010, his fortune has grown by 97.4 billion to 109.7 billion. Second in line is the head of the company Louis Vuitton Bernard Arnault, who in ten years has earned 80.2 billion.

The third place is closed by the founder of the social network Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. He started with $4 billion in 2010 and ended with $72 billion in 2019, followed by Bill Gates, who earned $54.6 billion at the end of the decade. Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer ($41.8 billion) was also on the list. Alibaba Group founder Jack Ma closes the list with $40.8 billion.

Forbes notes that the majority of participants in the list got 80% of their fortune thanks to the companies they manage or once created. In total, ten businessmen since 2010 have earned 555 billion.

In November 2019, according to Bloomberg, the first place of the richest billionaire was shared between Bezos and Gates. The publication estimated their fortune at 109 billion and $110 billion, respectively.