Forest fire destroys village in Canada

Natural fire almost completely destroyed the small village of Lutton in the Canadian province of British Columbia. About this reported the television channel CBS on Thursday, July 1.

It is noted that this week was recorded absolute temperature record in the history of Canada – thermometers showed +49.6 degrees. Fires started on the background of the heat.

According to the regional fire department, the fire destroyed 90 percent of all buildings in the village, including the police station and health clinic. More than 1,000 people were forced to leave the area without prior notice. People had no more than 15 minutes to gather. Some of the residents, according to the police, still have not contacted the police.

There is no information about casualties and victims.

Earlier, on July 1, it was reported that the number of victims of the abnormal heat wave in the Canadian province of British Columbia for several days reached almost 500. There were reports of at least 486 sudden deaths. The preliminary cause of so many deaths was abnormally high temperatures. Law enforcement officials noted that most of the dead were elderly people.

As the provincial coroner Lisa Lapointe noted, the number of deaths is likely to increase as the data are processed