Former AC/DC bass player Paul Mathers died

Former bassist of Australian rock band AC/DC Paul Mathers, who played with the band in 1975, died. His friend Rod Wescomb wrote about it on his Facebook page.

“In recent years, Metters has led a reclusive life, and his early rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle has led to poor health,” he said on October 14.

Wescob added that “everyone who knew the musician would miss him. He also said that in the late 1975s, after Mathers left AC/DC, he played with him in a band called Miss Australia Band at a concert in Australia.

Matters played in AC/DC in 1975, The Independent reported. He joined the band after the band released the album High Voltage, replacing bassist Larry Van Creedt. A few weeks later, he was fired by Bon Scott, the band’s frontman, replacing him with Mark Evans.

After leaving the band, Matters finished his musical career and gave only one interview in 2017. It was published in the biography of the late Scott.