Former British Prime Minister’s aide called Johnson a “clown”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has sloppy thinking and negative diplomatic sanity. This was stated by his ex-assistant Sir Alan Duncan.

The former British prime minister’s staffer recounted his last four years in parliament in his book The Guts of Events, based on notes from Duncan’s diaries. In it, he spoke unflatteringly of his former leader, describing Johnson as a “clown” and an “egocentrist.” According to the author, the prime minister is embarrassing. Duncan assures readers that Johnson has become an “international stain” on Britain’s reputation.

Sir Alan Duncan admits that he quarreled with Boris Johnson amid a media article calling the politician an “international laughingstock.” At the time, the British prime minister wondered why he was not being taken seriously. The aide sharply suggested that Johnson take a look in the mirror.

Duncan compared the prime minister’s dependence on the media to that of a drug addict. In his view, Boris Johnson placed a lot of importance on mentioning his name in the headlines.