Former Google employee Anthony Lewandowski gets a deadline and demands $4 billion from Uber

Former Google employee Anthony Lewandowski, who is remembered for the sharp rise and fall of his career in technology, filed a $4 billion lawsuit against Uber. The lawsuit was filed after the judge appointed Lewandowski to a term of 18 months, which the autopilot engineer for cars will serve after the coronavirus pandemic.

The conflict started in 2017, when Uber was accused of using unmanned vehicle technology stolen by Anthony Lewandowski. Leaving his employer, he took with him 14 thousand “highly confidential” files in electronic form concerning unmanned technology. He gave the data to his own startup, Otto, which develops unmanned trucks. In 2016, Uber bought Otto, and after a short period of time Waymo (a Google company) filed a lawsuit against Uber.

In 2018, Uber and Waymo settled the dispute. Lewandowski still owes Google $757 million plus a $95,000 fine and $179 million to Waymo.

The day before, the engineer filed a lawsuit demanding return of almost $4.1 billion for the absorbed Otto (the amount equals the market capitalization of Uber Freight, created on the basis of Otto).