Former government minister Sifis Valirakis found dead in Greece

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Former government minister Sifis Valirakis has been found dead in Greece, the publication Roto Thema reported Sunday, Jan. 24.

The body of the 78-year-old man, thrown by the sea on the rocks, was found near the island of Evia. According to preliminary reports, Valirakis fell from an inflatable boat.

According to the ex-minister’s wife, Vallirakis had sailed from the port of Eretria in an inflatable boat in the afternoon and has not been in contact since then. Later, fishermen found the empty boat with its engine running. It was noted that there were two spear guns on board.

“The engine of the boat, which washed ashore, was working. Most likely, Valirakis fell into the sea either because he slipped or because he lost consciousness and the boat continued its course,” writes the publication.

Five Coast Guard ships, two private boats, a Navy helicopter and military divers were involved in the search for Valirakis.

Sifis Valirakis since 1981 held the posts of deputy minister of transport and communications, deputy minister of culture for sports, deputy minister of public opinion. From 1995 to 1996 he was Minister of Public Order