Former head of the Mexican Defense Ministry is accused of drug trafficking

U.S. law enforcement officials have reported loud success in the fight against drug trafficking – in the United States, former Mexican Defense Secretary Salvador Cienfuegos was detained. The general is accused of involvement in drug smuggling and laundering illicit proceeds. In recent months, he has been the second senior Mexican official to be arrested in the United States on charges of involvement in drug cartel activity. Donald Trump cited the fight against the drug business as one of his main objectives even before last presidential elections, but a crushing victory in the campaign is not yet evident.

According to the prosecutor’s office, thanks to the assistance of Cienfuegos in 2015-2017, members of H-2 were able to deliver at least several tons of cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and marijuana to the U.S.. For the money, he also introduced the group to other Mexican officials.

It was from the Ministry of Defense, both land and navy, that the Mexican authorities had special hopes in the fight against drug trafficking. Other law enforcement agencies were more likely to be involved in corrupt schemes and could not be considered an effective countermeasure to potion producers. However, the arrest of Cienfuegos may have forced the current president Andres Manuel López Obrador to reconsider his approach.

His campaign Andres Manuel López Obrador, who came to power in December 2018, was largely based on criticism of his predecessors. Now the head of state said that the detention of Cienfuegos once again proves that corruption is the most serious problem for Mexico, which previous governments have not dealt with.

Almost 300,000 people, according to some estimates, have fallen victim to the fight between Mexican security forces and drug cartels and to the internecine wars between the syndicates themselves over the past decade and a half. The authorities say the largest number of people died during the violent conflicts between various organized crime groups because of control over smuggling routes to the United States.