Former Nazi concentration camp guard pleads not guilty

The former guard at the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, Josef Schutz, has denied the charges of aiding and abetting mass murder brought against him. He announced this on Oct. 8 at a court hearing in Brandenburg an der Hafel. The trial was reported by the DPA news agency.

“I did nothing at all in Sachsenhausen. I am innocent because I don’t know anything about it,” the former concentration camp guard said.

Journalists noted that the 100-year-old Schutz does not understand the accusation against him. In addition, Schutz told the judge about his childhood and youth, as well as his life after his release from Soviet captivity. The ex-security guard’s lawyer said his client refuses to comment on the charges against him.

The trial is expected to last until January 2022. A total of 22 hearings are scheduled. According to the investigation, the man served in Sachsenhausen from January 1942 to February 1945.