Former U.S. intelligence officer said Navalny may have a connection with the CIA

Former U.S. intelligence officer Scott Bennett did not rule out that blogger Alexei Navalny may work for the Western intelligence services, in particular the CIA.

“It is quite possible because having such agents of influence inside the country is a key that the CIA and other intelligence agencies often use to destabilize the situation there. And there are certain forces in the US government that want conflict with Russia”, – Bennett believes.

He also added that recruitment of opposition bloggers and journalists is a standard practice, as it is possible to influence the target audience through them.

Early in October the press-secretary of Russian president Dmitry Peskov stated that Moscow had the data on how CIA employees work with Navalny, reports “”.

“It is not the patient who works with western special services, but western special services work with him, so it would be more correct. Indeed, there is such information, I can even say specifically – the specialists of the US Central Intelligence Agency are working with him these days. This is not the first time when they give him different instructions,” Peskov emphasized.