Four people killed in arson and shooting in Washington state

Four people, including the assailant, were killed and another was injured in a shooting and arson attack in Benton County, Washington, USA. This was reported Thursday, August 26, by KEPR-TV, citing police.

Officers on scene found a man with two gunshot wounds and two burning homes. A body was found in one of the homes. Police believe the suspect is responsible for several other fires in the area.

Law enforcement then found the suspect’s truck. Shots were fired from the vehicle and officers fired back. The truck then caught fire. When the fire was put out, firefighters found an unidentified body inside the charred vehicle.

Two more bodies were found inside another house. The suspect was likely involved in their murder.

At least one person died and another was hospitalized at St. Elizabeth Hospital in a shooting in Youngstown, Ohio on Tuesday, August 24.

Youngstown police confirmed the death of one person in the shooting. His death is being investigated as a homicide.