FOX News host Sean Hannity became Donald Trump’s neighbor

Famous American TV host Sean Hannity has purchased a new home in Palm Beach, Florida. Hannity actually became a neighbor of former U.S. President Donald Trump, who also lives in the area. It is reported by the New York Post.

Hannity’s property is 2.5 miles from the Mar-a-Lago Club estate (Mar-a-Lago Club), where the former head of state currently resides. The anchor paid $5.3 million (more than 397 million rubles) for the townhouse.

The two-story house overlooking the Atlantic Ocean has more than five thousand square feet (more than 470 square meters). Inside, there are several bedrooms, bathrooms, a kitchen and a living room combined with a dining room. The property also has a patio with a pool and a descent to the beach. The interior of the house is made in light colors with floral patterns on the walls.